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HandmadeKultur – A super magazine!

Are you familiar with HandmadeKultur? It’s a great magazine for everything that has to do with ‘handmade’, published in Hamburg.  I’ve known about it since they got started.  At the time I sold copies of the magazine in my store Hands Gallery.  Meanwhile my daughter has a subscription that is sent to our house.  After she’s finished reading it, I’m also allowed to take a look.  And there’s always a project that we’re interested in making – in every issue!  Plus, they introduce some really great people and their projects.  So hurry out to the nearest store and get yourself a copy!  But beware, it’s only available in German!

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Reach Your Goals

The other day I was bowling with the kids.  I am not a good bowler, but occassionally it’s fun and we had guests so it was a good activity for everyone.  I kept concentrating on the pins at the end of the lane and throwing a gutter ball!  Then I noticed the arrows at the beginning of the lane and started using them to place and aim my bowling ball.  Voila!  I was knocking down pins left and right!

By changing my focus from a goal far away to a simpler goal close at hand I was able to achieve better results.

Sometimes that’s the way things are in life.  And since it is January it is time to set goals.  This year I plan to try for lots of little goals to make a bigger overall success. I want to develop new products, try new materials, work in more depth and communicate more regularly with you.

What about you?  What are you planning?

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Vacation Time

On vacation you have time to try new things – and in this case I also had the right weather to try it!  I’ve been waiting for a long time (over a year) to try and discharge some t-shirts with bleach.  It was really simple and I’m very proud whenever I wear my new t-shirt.

(I used the method I found described on the Threads website with a spray bottle and a 2:1 mix of water:bleach.)

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Krafttex – My First Project

While I was on vacation I did some creative things, even though I wasn’t sewing or working at the store.  Here and there I visited a quilt store or a craft store and I like to look around and see if there’s a bargain or maybe even a new product.  In Picking Daisies in San Luis Obispo, California I found something new – Krafttex!  I wasn’t familiar with the name and had never seen this product.  But the nice lady in the store took time to talk to me, showed me the product and even a piece of Krafttex that had been washed, plus she let me page through the book about Krafttex.

And so I bought some – two different colors, half a yard each.

Now I’ve actually sewn with it for the first time.  Krafttex is easy to sew – but it is VERY stiff.  So you need to think about what you’ll be making before you make it.  Plus, the needle holes are visible, so you shouldn’t make any mistakes.  But, if you take some time to plan things out, you will have a very robust end product.

I’m very happy with the new bag – the bottom is made of Krafttex, then there is some embroidery and various fabrics.  Inside it has a pocket and a key ring.

I can also recommend the book ‘kraft*tex Style’ by Roxane Cerda.  There are various projecs, big and small, to try.

I’ve already washed a piece of Krafttex and want to make some more projects with it, but I don’t know what just yet.  In any case, there will be more projects.  Maybe you want to try it, too?

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Halloween Skit für Children Ages 3-10

Every year we have a BIG Halloween party with lots of kids who come to celebrate Halloween in an area where it isn’t that common.  We play games, go trick-or-treating and have a witch hunt in the backyard.  One of the things we started doing when the kids were young was a skit.  This was entertaining for the kids who participated, as well as the kids who were to shy to take part and for all the parents.  This skit is for kids who can’t read yet or who can’t read fluently.  You need one adult or older child to be the narrator and then a bunch of kids to play along.  All they have to do is remember who they are and when their name is read aloud in the story make the sound and action assigned to their character.  We really had a great time with this – so hope you like it!  And since we live in Germany it is also available in German.

Remember: You don’t have to assign all the roles if you don’t have enough kids.  Just start at the top of the list and work your way down as far as you can.

It is also fun if you happen to have a dragon mask for the child who plays Dragon.  And the narrator should pause after each name to give the child a moment to say their text and perform their action.

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New Year = New Project

On December 31st I was browsing through facebook when I came across a post that said I shouldn’t leave any sewing projects unfinished at the end of the year or they would stay unfinished!  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but later it came to me that this is really unfair and not very good advice.  Of course I have sewing projects that aren’t finished!  I wouldn’t have any inspiration or ideas for the new year if I didn’t.

I need those projects to get me going again, force me to plan ahead, give me inspiration and keep me going.

So here’s to unfinished objects (UFO’s) – may there always be at least one in my closet!

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Recyling to make a Bag

I was cleaning up the kitchen after our New Year’s Party and discovered the empty rice bag with such a pretty logo lying around.  It seemed such a waste to just throw it away and I thought I should make something out of it.  So I took it upstairs to my sewing room.

Lying there was the white fitted sheet I was about to throw away since the elastic was all crumbly.

So I put 1 and 1 together and made a new bag with a plastic pocket.  What do you think?